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Working with Pik Steal we have encountered next problems:

  • Manual invoicing
    Pik Steel was working manually with invoices and it was a large defect for their business since they were loosing so much time doing it manually. In the world of ever growing competition they needed to do something about it in order to remain in the top 5 steel industries. Trouble about invoices were that they were not organized, and a lot of them were calculated wrong, some of them were destroyed and some of them were damaged due to fact that they were saved on a paper.
  • Tax over payment
    Next part of the challenge was the fact that company were overpayed taxes and due to statue of limitation there was a risk of loosing the ability to request a refund.
  • Issue with investment
    In addition to problems above, Pik Steal was also required financial consulting and planning on how to do best possible investments to achieve maximum profit in their industry.


Account first analyzed the issue and anatomized the problems so they are resolved thoroughly and in a best possible way.

By using Account Pro 3000 invoicing software we were able to digitize all invoices available. Damaged invoices were also converted with help of the Account Recreate software designed for this purpose. The rest on invoices which were lost are successfully recovered with detail instruction from IRS and banks with which company had contact.

With our professional team we were able to fulfill request for tax refund in shortest possible time since days were in question for company to loose the rights for it. All refund was processed successfully.

We have also dedicated team to Pik Steel which will help them to do smart investments in order to get maximum profit gain possible for the money invested. If you look in results section you will see how their profit has grown over the past 12 months.


With software Account Forecaster company now can see overall results from custom range of time and also to see predicted profit change in the custom selected time range. As a example we present to you company profit change 6 months before the involvement with Account and 6 months after.

PROFIT (In millions)
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